Positions – July 1 Evening

Troop Dispositions – Evening of July 1 1863

Army of the Potomac:

After the scramble through town, Hancock and Howard went about getting the two battered corps reorganized, and properly and quickly aligned.

  •  The 11th Corps was spread across Cemetery Hill on three sides. [Gottfried – Brigades, pp. 305, 322-323, 340, 344]
  •  The 1st Corps took up positions on Cemetery Hill before moving to the northwest side of Culp’s Hill and down in front of Stevens Knoll on the right of the 11th Corps.  [Gottfried – Brigades, pp. 39, 61, 86, 95, 98]
  •  The rest of the Union Army began to arrive:
  •  2th Corps, William’s 1st Division, arrived about 4 PM and assaulted a small force of Confederates on the east slope of Benner’s Hill along Hanover Road, until recalled to Baltimore Street.  [Gottfried – Brigades, p. 350, Coddington, p. 314]
  • 3rd Corps began arriving around 5:30 PM [Birney’s 1st Division except deTrobriand] and took position on Munshower’s Knoll just north of Little Round Top.]  [Gottfried, – Brigades pp. 185, 187]
  • Geary’s 12th Corps troops arrived about 5:30 PM and fell into line on Birney’s left, in other words, on Little Round Top.  [Gottfried – Brigades,  p. 376]
  • 2nd Corps Bivouacked about three miles from town on the night of the 1st.  They arrived on the battlefield the next morning at about 7 AM.  [Gottfried – Brigades, p. 110]

Army of Northern Virginia

After the last fighting around the Lutheran Seminary in the late afternoon, and the scramble through town rounding up prisoners, The Army of Northern Virgina was disposed with A.P. Hill’s Third Corps holding and firing artillery from Seminary Ridge at the Federal troops on Cemetery Hill, while Richard S. Ewell’s  Second Corps arrayed out from the east side of town in front of the Culp’s Hill and East Cemetery Hill area, astride the Hanover Street/Road.

  • Johnson’s Division did not reach the Battlefield until 7:30 PM, and its bivouac east of town until about 9:00 PM on the 1st.  [Gottfried – Brigades, p.549]
  • Hood’s Division followed Johnson’s Division and supply trains into the area finally arriving near Seminary Ridge at around 9 AM on the 2nd. [Gottfried – Brigades, p. 427]
  • McLaws’ Division arrived at bivouac on Marsh Creek around midnight July 1/2.  [Gottfried – Brigades, p. 402]
  • Pickett’s Division began its march to Gettysburg from Chambersburg at 2 AM on the 2nd, and the arrival time was about 2 PM, west of town.  [Gottfried – Brigades, p. 454]

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