Cushing finally gets his Medal of Honor

Lt. Alonzo Cushing of Delafield, Wisconsin, commander of Battery A, 4th US Artillery, will receive a long overdue Medal of Honor in a September ceremony at the White House.

Cushing’s heroic stand at the Gettysburg ‘High Water Mark’ during Pickett’s Charge is the stuff of legends.  Cushing, wounded several times, remained at his guns assisting the loading of them, was killed with a final wound while ordering the gun to fire.

Our masthead image is of four guns of Cushing’s Battery today near the ‘inner angle’ of the stone wall that was the defensive line of the Army of the Potomac on  July 3rd 1863.

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Mr. Davis is an historical researcher and NPS Volunteer living in the Gettysburg area.
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2 Responses to Cushing finally gets his Medal of Honor

  1. Chad Wyancko says:

    Can you tell me when the date of the award ceremony will be? I may have to take the day off to see this one!

  2. wgdavis says:

    Thanks for writing Chad!
    I think there is an official presentation tomorrow at the White House. The medal is being awarded posthumously.

    Interestingly, there is this from NPR:
    “In recent years, the vocal congressional opposition boiled down to Jim Webb, the former Democratic senator from Confederate Gen. George Pickett’s home state, Virginia. Webb blocked attempts to honor Cushing, Kind said, because so much time had passed since the war that it would be nearly impossible to determine the facts of what Cushing did in the battle.
    An assistant to Webb pointed to a letter he wrote to Senate colleagues in 2012 about his concerns.
    “”As a point of observation, the Confederate Army lost more than 250,000 dead — one third of its soldiers — and received no Medals of Honor,” Webb wrote in a letter to other senators in 2012. “While one would never wish to demean any act of courage, I believe that the retroactive determination in one case would open up an endless series of claims. The better wisdom for this body would be to leave history alone.”
    “Webb retired from the Senate in 2012, and Kind said Webb’s successor, Democrat Tim Kaine, did not share Webb’s concerns. What’s more, a Pentagon review Webb had wanted was completed, which further supported Cushing’s case.””


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